User guide • Read online or download PDF • ALESIS QS7 User Manual • ALESIS Musical Instruments. QS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Alesis QS7 Image Alesis MMT-8 Not Syncing Minimoog Properly Hi all read the manual about multitimbral but can’t seem to get it into action do I have to.

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Note that the stacking of Programs in Mix Play Mode is in addition to any sounds maual may be stacked in the four sound layers of each Program.

A Sound is the combination of a sample with its associated processing. Velocity A measure of the force used to press a key.

The QS effects processor has four inputs, called effect sends. Using this format, Sound Bridge is able to determine key group and velocity group split points, root notes, sample playback rates, tunings, start points, loop points, and loop tunings. How to create and edit Effects Patches. There alesiz may be noise due to the random power up states in the digital hardware prior to the software establishing correct values.

Alesis QS Service manual |

But in synthesizer programming, modulation is used to control even the basic characteristics of a voice: Lower values give a duller sound since this removes more harmonics; higher values let through more harmonics, which gives a brighter sound. For example, a glide between two notes a whole step apart would take much less time than a glide between two notes an octave janual.

These read-only memory cards provide actual samples Summary of the content on the page No. Table of Contents The User Interface: Time Tracking On or Off Page 8 This determines whether or not keyboard position will affect the cycle speed of the manial. Send 3 is routed through a mono Pitch effect, and then a stereo Reverb effect. Since oscillators make static sounds unlike acoustic instruments, whose timbre and dynamics change — often radically — over the duration of a notemodulation is the key to making rich and expressive sounds.

While not audible, these signals could play havoc with other digital devices further along in the audio chain. In the old days, different brands of synthesizers offered different voice allocation schemes. Follow the Win95 instructions from there.


The various parameters in the effects processor make it possible to simulate nearly any natural reverberant space that can be imagined, and a few artificial ones as well. Alesis QS8 Tuning Model? As you manusl through each zone, it can be set to send MIDI messages corresponding to that alewis range and trigger the corresponding channels.

Also, become familiar with the signal and modulation flow within alsis QS as shown in the various block diagrams included in this manual so that you can understand the many ways in which you can process a signal as it works its way from oscillator to output. It is a complete digital signal processing unit with four input buses, simultaneous multiple effects, and flexible signal routing. To send a sound to an individual output, use Output in conjunction with Pan.

Also test that key presses from the unit under test trigger notes on the other qs or an extra module. Disconnected jumper wire in output section REV A boards only. To make changes permanent, you must store the Mix into the User bank see next page. Any other janual to the PCBs are outlined in Section 6. Some effect types have very few parameters, while others have many.

If the Filter Frequency is set to maximum, in most cases all other variables in the Filter function will have no effect. Alwsis 2 pitch feedback Program Sound Layers The manuak method of programming is to take one voice, process it through the filter and amp sections, and if desired add some effect to it. Send 2 reverb input 1 These bits must remain at 0. Minor improvements have been made through the pre production lifetime of this product. Since there is only one Reverb effect, it is found in the first effect send see next section on Reverb.

Changing a patch involved manually repositioning patch cords and adjusting knobs and switches; recreating a patch required writing down all the patch settings on paper so they could be duplicated later.


Send 3 delay feedback It is always our intention to provide You with the best information possible. If alessis long attack is set, and the envelope does not reach the end of the attack segment when the note is released, it will be skipped and the envelope will jump immediately to the sustain decay segment.


Note that the transformers of countries aleais the United States are varied according to the power grid requirements for that country. Channel 1 keyboard low note 4 0 0 0 Mix and Program parameters are reset to their default settings. Channel 1 volume 1 0 0 0 Amplitude that decays over time creates percussive effects plucked strings, drums, etc.

Alesis QS7 Instructions And Program Charts

You can use the [0] – [9] buttons to select which one of the 1 0 drum sounds to edit in each Function Group [40] – [] buttons. You can patch the Mod Wheel somewhere else in addition to the Tracking Generator, giving you gradual control of one function with the full range of the Mod Wheel, while switching on a second function only at the top of qz7 wheel. Program name digit 9 While this gives access to the top of the PCB and is adequate for simple repairs, serious troubleshooting will require the removal of the main PCB from the frame.

Customers outside of the USA and Canada are not covered by this Limited Warranty and may or may not be covered by an independent distributor warranty in the country of sale.

If the selected Program or Mix has been edited, a symbol will appear to the right of the Mode.

Alesis QS7.1 User Manual

The least aleeis bit of the first byte of each sound determines if it is a keyboard sound or a drum sound. The reasons for these minor changes range from improved R. If a program uses one sound, up to 64 notes alessis play at once. If the Filter Frequency is set to 00, and no other parameters are set to raise it dynamically, no sound will pass through the filter at all-there will be silence.

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