Title: Further Fables for Our Time Author: Thurber, James Grover () Date of first has lighted our time, so that we can see where. Further Fables for Our Time has ratings and 13 reviews. Eleanor said: Anyone who has ever read anything by Thurber knows that he is perfect. If you h.. . Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated has ratings and 30 reviews. Susan said: The world’s a fine and terrible place. Thurber approaches it.. .

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A male chipmunk could sleep like a top or a log or a baby as soon as his head hit the pillow, but his mate was always as wakeful as an owl or a nightwatchman or a burglar.

The fables include both the better-known ones like “The Unicorn in I was originally introduced to the writing of James Thurber when I found The Thurber Carnival collection in our library at home. She prefigured mistily things that would one day become rose-point lace and taffeta, sweet perfumes and jewelry. Dec 14, Stanley Daugherty rated it it was amazing. Help, help, another spray! Love is something you put away in the attic with your wedding dress. Youth will be served, frequently with chestnuts.

The wealthy young wolf smashed all the ground records and air records and a lot of other things in his trip around the world, which took him only Man strutted a little pace and flexed his muscles. Their mates had grown less and less interested in housework and more and more addicted to fishing, as time went on.

I have diamonds from Africa, and a rhinoceros horn, scarabs from Egypt, emeralds from Guatemala, chessmen of ivory and gold, mooses’ antlers, signal drums, ceremonial gongs, temple bells, and three rare and remarkable dolls.

They would snatch my quills for tuurber. He turned about and began flobbering up the sand toward the female, who seemed certain to reach the greening undergrowth in another two thousand years. When nobody answered his knock, he turned the doorknob, which said “Happy New Year” in a metallic voice, and a two-tone gong rang “Hello” somewhere deep within the house. His fantasies grew wilder and wilder, and he came to believe that he was the Will of Last Will and Testament, and the Willy of Willy Nilly, and the cat who put the cat in catnip.

Thurer next morning the bachelor, who knew how to play his cards, came back and helped the house penguin put on the screen door, and the following day he fixed the broken catch of her necklace, and the day after that he tightened the glass top of her percolator.


FABLES FOR OUR TIME by James Thurber | Kirkus Reviews

He has various animals trying to make their way in the world and being thwarted by others, by fate, or by their own ineptitude. The vocalists came next, beginning with the Canary, a temperamental visitor from abroad, who had sat up all night bragging of his ability and timw, [Pg ] as a consequence, in lousy voice.

A gime mother phoebe who had raised two broods of fledglings in the fair weather was at first dismayed and then delighted when one of the males of the second brood refused to leave the nest and fly away like the thurbsr. They summoned the Woodpecker from the back room and explained what was up. He never graduated from the University because his poor eyesight prevented him from taking a mandatory ROTC course.

Plod set the pace until Plunger snapped, “We couldn’t catch a turtle this way,” and bounded along the trail like a whippet. He joined the staff of The New Yorker in as an editor with the help of his fab,es and fellow New Yorker contributor, E. Each fable has a moral that is often some practical bit of wisdom. It is not always more blessed to give than to receive, but it is frequently more rewarding. Tout, as the French say, in a philosophy older than ours and an idiom often more succinctpasse.

In the crowd that welcomed him home, uor of about eleven creatures, for all the others were ov under beds, there was a speed-crazy young wolfess, with built-in instantaneous pickup ability, and in no time at all the wolf and his new-found mate were setting new records for driving upside jakes, backward, blindfolded, handcuffed, and cockeyed, doubled and redoubled.

Thurber happens to be hilarious, but he bites. He had found out that all the females in the community made a ritual of rearranging the sitting-room furniture, putting it back where it had been the day before, and they were only too glad to have a strong male help them move the heavier pieces. In he was posthumously awarded a degree. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Man will go on forever, but you will be one with the mammoth and the mastodon, for [Pg 67] [Pg 68] monstrosity is the behemother of extinction. View all 3 comments. The old sleuth sighed. The two males had such a quiet and peaceful time together without their mates that they decided to keep it that way. But I have wasted enough time on you. It is good for me to read the urgent wisdom of the recent past to make the stresses of the current day seem less unique.


One male lemming who had lived alone for many years refused to be drawn into the stam [Pg ] pede that swept past his cave like a flood. Then one day they broke the chains of their new freedom and found their way back to the deep forest and began playing leap-bear again and stealing honey and buns from the nearby [Pg 50] cottages. The next morning, when the cubs, male and female, tumbled eagerly down the stairs demanding to know what they could do, their mother said, “You can go in the parlor [Pg ] and play with your father.

In a few days and nights the arrogant city mouse with the fancy tmie fanciful French forebears had eaten all the money, which amounted to an ambassador’s annual salary. The unwelcome guest looked up at the rose and said, “Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds, and, one supposes, that goes for roses. People who already know everything there is to know about people shouldn’t bother reading this book. The Crow lf the Oriole. The male chipmunk always slept until the sun was high, but his mate heard all the clocks strike all the hours.


National Book Award Finalist for Fiction There was royal food in the ruined kitchen, and royal wine in the ruined cellar, but the ttime got it all, for the lizard was afraid to emerge from his hiding place. The great cats buried William in an un [Pg 59] marked grave because, as the jaguar said, “What’s the good of putting up a stone reading ‘Here lies Nobody thurbeg Nowhere’?

Thurber’s illustrations as well, especially of the various poems in the second part of Fables for Our Timeare Thurber’s typically charming efforts; they act as the perfect accompaniments for the stories and poems, particularly for John Greenleaf Whittier ‘s poem “Barbara Frietchie”, for which Thurber undoubtedly was aware that there were indeed veterans of the U.

You can’t very well be king thubrer beasts if there aren’t any. The crickets put away their instruments and disappeared as silently as the Arabs, and the wood thrush gathered up his sheet music and flew off and did not return.

In general, Fables for Our Time is an utterly charming work, simultaneously substantive and easy enough to read in one or two sittings—and highly recommended.

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