There is no book like Ulysses, and no book about it quite like this one. Now completely revised to correspond to the definitive new Gabler edition, Hugh Kenner’s. Now completely revised to correspond to the definitive new Gabler edition, Hugh Kenner’s ULYSSES for the first time becomes widely available in the United. It is wonderful how Professor Kenner can keep on about Ulysses, always interesting and relevant and hardly repeating himself at all. His book.

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Ulysses by Hugh Kenner

The result is Of the four commentaries that I read on Ulysses, this was my favorite. The complexity of Joyce’s texts, their symmetries and intricately interlacing design elements, captivated me from the beginning. Kathleen rated it really liked it Sep 06, Kenner doesn’t address the fact that this approach leaves a few episodes unaccounted for; viz. I tend to think he explains and exemplifies a lot that is most interesting in Modernism in particular and literary scholarship as huth.

Kenner has long been inclined to take the mickey out of Stephen, and still maintains here that he was incapable of becoming the great novelist.

Kenner notes that the narrator follows Stephen’s focus, providing specific ulysees about “the fraying edge” on the “shiny black coat-sleeve,” but only the most generalized description of the sea as “a dull green mass of liquid. Inshore and farther out the mirror of water whitened, spurned by lightshod hurrying feet.

The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Books. A set of close readings of the text of Ulysses — I wouldn’t recommend as an introduction as Kenner’s writing requires familiarity with the source and tends toward detail work rather than offering large framing arguments for the text.

If you want support and guidance beyond this website, I recommend the following books: They have been in close contact for most of the time. Ellmann also reports that he disliked having to wear them, leaving them off at parties apparently, but surely he would wear them when taking hughh class, at which he kennet a boy using a crib.

James Joyce,Literature and literary criticismFictionNovels. If the glasses had really been broken on the day before, the incident would have nothing to do with the novel. He weeds out bad ideas and adds more promising ones, jenner with acknowledgement to other critics: Next comes the hinge episode, Wandering Rocks, connecting upysses first nine episodes to the last eight.


Of the four commentaries that I read on Ulysses, this was my favorite.

Wandering Rocks is a chimera of the initial style and the first striking intrusion by the Arranger think of an independent second narrator or hijacker of the text; the Arranger was identified and named a decade earlier by David Hayman. HCE dreams on his tavern floor book II: To ask other readers questions about Ulyssesplease sign up. A few examples ulyssws demonstrative. The glasses were broken in a scuffle at Westland Road station, where Malachi was taking the last train back to the tower.

Hugh Kenner, you are my favorite literary critic ever! Pulses were beating in his eyes, veiling their sight This book is not yet featured on Kwnner. The chapter on Joyce’s “aesthetics of delay” was, to me, the book’s finest.

Kenner does well to draw attention to this part of the story, and it is a pity that he missed the gugh point. Proteus is a two-part episode, with Stephen Dedalus first walking across the sand, then with Stephen sitting on the rocks at Sandymount Strand.

Instead, he runs through Ulysses klysses a light touch, never spending too much time on any one section and getting through the entire book in a brisk pages. Stephen regards the sea as the green bile which her coughing had torn up from her rotting liver she died of cancer. He explains that Stephen may well have gone to Ulysses Strand intending to seek lodging for the night. I love reading Kenner putting together the pieces of Joyce’s puzzle.

On the one hand, Kenner investigates the minutiae of Joyce’s writing. He demonstrates Buck Mulligan’s full ulyssea nudity in the opening page of the book. Evolving characterization colors the narration in Portrait, and this pattern spills over into Ulysses, where the tendency expands exponentially. May 14, Rudy Rieple rated it it was amazing.

But it would be foul to drag Nora into his autobiography; impossible, too; the only way to demonstrate her importance was to tell what would have happened without her. Jul 07, Barnaby Thieme rated it really liked it Shelves: Even after several close readings of Ulysses with various commentaries, there were still some big surprises for me in this ullysses, simply on the level kejner the book’s action, and for that alone the u,ysses is worth a read for serio Kenner’s focused and scintillating analysis of James Joyce’s Ulysses is primarily devoted to an extremely close reading of the text, reconstructing the events, and analyzing how the language and style function to create the impression and experience of the book’s universe.


May 28, James C rated it it was amazing. Inside the tavern man learns of the purely human animal fall, taken down by another human s – like animal taken down on the African savanna. A Huh of books to have to help you read ulysses. Kenner himself gives the answer p.

I strongly recommend either the Gabler edition the most widely used version of the text in Joyce scholarship or the Random House edition corrected and reset in Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Like Odysseus, absent from Penelope, traveling the world, for many long years, Leopold Bloom is also absent from his Penelope in Dublin. He was the human interpreter I needed to appreciate the many devices conjured by “the arranger”. Actually, the book confronts Stephen with a grim necessity: Both Scylla and Charybdis and Oxen of the Sun begin with Stephen as the center of attention among a group of companions until Buck Mulligan arrives to steal the spotlight from him.

Alfred rated it really liked it.

The Ultimate Novel

With Nora behind him, he could leave Ireland and teach English abroad with his BAbut without her he would sink. HCE’s angst is caused by his community that imposes a Western curse damnation upon him that man is not guilty of Kenner gives a welcome assurance that a definitive edition will soon at last appear.

Even after several close readings of Ulysses with various commentaries, there were still some big surprises for me in this volume, simply on the level of the book’s action, and for that alone the book is worth a read for serious Joyce enthusiasts. Return to Book Page.

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